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G-Action works for most diverse clients. This is a sample of references.

Carstunts for Galileo XXL.
Ralf Haeger Stunts & Wirework Ltd.
Stuntrehearsals for the movie "Speed Racers"
H`N`C - Hunters and Collectors
Parcour Action
Ralf Haeger Stunts & Wirework Ltd.
Parcour Action
Ralf Haeger Stunts & Wirework Ltd.
Acting for Comercial Tchibo
Antenne Bayern - Kulmbach Brauerei
Motobike Chrashes Stuntperformer: Wolfram Huber, Matthias Schendel,Christian Gneißl Stuntcordination: Matthias Schendel VIPstuntcam
Haeger Ralf -Stunts & Wirework Ltd.
Stuntrigging by Ralf Haeger Acting on Wire: Christian Gneißl
H`N`C - Hunters and Collectors Imagefilm für Lufthansa Cargo
Parkour Action and Präzision-Drive. Stuntcoordination: Mike Möller
Haeger Ralf -Stunts & Wirework Ltd.
Fight & Stuntworkshop

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